Redundancy/Backup Internet

via 4G & 5G

When your Internet connection stops working, it might be an NBN outage. To keep you connected we can setup a secondary failover connection via 4G/5G that connects to your wifi modem/router, meaning once the NBN goes down, your wifi modem/router will automatically switch to 4G/5G data. Please contact us for details.

If the power goes out, we can keep your modem/router going by using a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). They last a few hours depending on how much is plugged in them. Your laptop and mobiles have batteries so they should be ok for a while, however you can also plug them in to the UPS. The UPS that 10MATES supplies is an APC BR1200GI and the expansion battery is an APC BR24BPG.