Performance ADSL1/2+

(available through on-net AAPT/TPG/iinet etc and off-net Telstra ports)

These adsl plans are for prosumers, professionals, businesses, gamers and alike looking to get the best performance possible. They come with lower contention than the standard plans, this improves stability, peak time speeds and pings. On request you may choose an Annex M port to increase your upload performance. You might also be eligible to go naked for $80pm, so you can stop paying for line rental. Please send us a message with your address so we can check to see what exactly is available at your address. The contract is 12 months, however if you sign for 24 months you can choose a FREE BONUS.


(aapt/tpg/iinet etc dslams, usually metro areas)


($720 minimum over 12 months)


$80 naked

($960 minimum over 12 months)


(telstra dslams, usually rural areas)


($1080 minimum over 12 months)


Unlimited Data

No connection fee

12 Month contract

Static IP /29 BYO IP BGP

Requires Telstra Landline

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