Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the nbn New Development Fee / Charge ?

    If your address is tagged as a new development by nbn, you will need to pay $300 for the installation or activation. With 10mates you can choose to pay that upfront or pay it off each month. On a 12 month contract you would pay an additional $25 per month, on a 24 month contract you would pay an additional $12.50 per month. Obviously if you were to cancel the contract you would still need to pay the remaining new development fee plus any other charges that apply.

  • What is a UPS used for during an Electrical Outage?

    During an electrical outage, a UPS is used to keep your wifi/network running for a few hours. Your laptops and mobiles have batteries so they are ok, if you also want to plug a desktop computer in, that will decrease the time quite a lot. The UPS that 10mates supplies is an APC BR1200GI and the expansion battery is an APC BR24BPG.

  • How long does it take for an nbn installation to happen?

    Usually in around a week. This depends on how busy the contractors are in your area. If your area was just activated and there are not enough contractors in the area then it will take a bit longer. Once you place an order, we will pass on your information to nbn so they can schedule the install. Once scheduled we will let you know. Unfortunately nbn doesn't give us contractor details so we have no way of contacting them. Some contractors SMS/call a few days prior to confirm the appointment, some call an hour before and some just turn up during the appointment window.

  • How long does an nbn installation take?

    FTTP, HFC, Fixed Wireless installs on average take under an hour to complete. Someone 18 years or older definitely needs to be there to meet and consult with the contractor. For FTTN/FTTB the contractor does his work on the street so they usually don't need to visit your premise (if you can't afford to miss a day off work, they don't worry about it). In rare cases FTTN/FTTB contractors need access inside, if you aren't home, then it will get rescheduled.

  • Can I reschedule an nbn installation?

    Yes you can reschedule an nbn install. After you place an order we will return the earliest available appointment time. At that stage you can request the install be done at a later date, either morning or afternoon.

  • Can I choose where the nbn box installation is done?

    Yes, you can choose where the installation is done, within limits. Length isn't the only limit, contractors get paid more for running cable over 30/40 meters. The contractor is also thinking about time and risk. The contractor will arrive and give you his advice. He will let you know what he needs to do to get it where you want it and how it will look, for example a cable running along the eave or sticky fibre running on a skirting board and conduit down a wall. If the contractor deems the job too complex then you may need to get a sparky to run the cable. Make that decision quick though, ask him to leave you some cable and reshedule the job to a specific date, he shouldn't have a problem doing that and he will want that job back as it will be much easier because he doesn't have to run the cable. If the contractor is unwilling to do the job then most likely the next will too. If you don't take the matter into your own hands, you won't be getting connected anytime soon.

  • How do I setup my modem / router / wifi?

    For a video and screenshot guide on how to setup your modem/router/wifi go to the Modem / Router / Wifi Setup Page

    First you would need to attach your modem/router to either the nbn connection box that nbn installed, or in the case of a FTTN nbn install, to the telephone wall outlet. Then connect to your modem/router either with a network cable or via wifi, once connected, open your internet browser such as Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer and type the address for TPLink, for DLink, or for Netgear in the address bar and press enter, this will ask you for a username/password and take you to the modem/router setup, the default username/password for TPLink is admin/admin, Netgear is admin/password, DLink is admin/"blank". Once you are in the settings page you should be able to find either a Internet Setup Wizard or Setup Genie, in there you will need to enter the setup details we have emailed you.

  • 10MATES Internet Routing

    Domestic and peering traffic routes to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane with international traffic passing through Sydney. NT & SA route through VIC.

  • How can I block porn or other websites?

    You can block porn and other websites by using a free internet filter by OpenDNS. To block pornography, sexuality or tasteless websites you need to change some modem/router settings. To do that open your Internet Browser such as Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer and go to the address or if that doesn't work, try, the default username/password for TPLink is admin/admin, Netgear is admin/password, DLink is admin/"blank" once you are in, look for Internet Settings. Once you find the Internet settings, all you need to do is change the two DNS addresses to and If you want to customise the filter to block other sites such as social media etc you will need to setup a free account at OpenDNS.

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