Free Bonus on 24 month Performance plans

(choose only 1, connection must be at the same address for 2 years, if cancelled the cost of the bonus will be charged)

Customers are automatically entered into a monthly draw to win two of the bonuses every month, one for them and one for a mate.

Win Free Stuff

Conditions of Entry

Drawn on the 1st of every month, entries close at midnight on the last day of every month. Winner announced via email. Entrants agree to receiving newsletter emails from 10MATES which can be unsubscribed at anytime. Prizes can be choosen from


12 month Uber Crate subscription (worth ~$460) gives you 10 steam games every month for a year. That's a total of 120 games!



$100 Netflix gift card, which gives you roughly 12 months (1st month free) worth of Netflix movies amd TV shows.

Memobox ufo pro

Internet TV

Internet TV streamer, MEMOBOX UFO Pro, for those who want to stream Internet TV and don't have a smart TV.

Car Jump Starter

Car Jump Starter

This pack will jump start your car if you battery goes flat. It will also charge your phones.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Free on 24 month NBN contract

Xiaomi Redmi 4A

This beautiful 5 inch smart phone called the Xiaomi Redmi 4A can be yours.

Drive for work file storage and device sync

Music & Youtube

Unlimited music from Google Music where you can access 35 million songs on demand, also included is Youtube Red which removes ads from Youtube, allows you to download videos for offline viewing and also gives you access to original youtube content as well as Youtube Kids. Via a $100 Google Play gift card.

Drive for work file storage and device sync

File Horder

12 Months of Unlimited Cloud Data Storage and email using Google infrastructure. Worth $180.

website design

Website Design

I will create you a Website to use for either personal or business use. Please contact me regarding this.

5 years free VPN

Internet Security

2 Years VPN access allows to you to secure your internet connection on your devices wherever you are.

$50 AUD

$50 Cash

$50 Cash or Credit.

Cordless phones Free on 24 month NBN contract

Cordless Phones

Uniden Cordless phones that work during power outage!

wireless router

Wireless Modem Router

Compatible with all types of NBN. TP-Link TD-W9970