Free Bonus on 24 month Performance plans

(choose only 1, connection must be at the same address for 2 years, if cancelled the cost of the bonus will be charged)

Crypto Currency


$50 of Bitcoin


12 month Uber Crate subscription (worth ~$460) gives you 10 steam games every month for a year. That's a total of 120 games!



$50 Netflix gift card.

Car Jump Starter

Car Jump Starter

This pack will jump start your car if you battery goes flat. It will also charge your phones.

website design

Website Design

I will create you a Website to use for either personal or business use. Please contact me regarding this.

5 years free VPN

Internet Security

1 Year VPN access allows to you to secure your internet connection on your devices wherever you are.

$50 AUD

$50 Cash

$50 Cash or Credit.