Pensioner Phone

(does not require an internet connection)

These plans allow pensioners to keep their existing phone numbers even after nbn has rolled out in an area and they don't want an internet connection. For Local, National and Mobile calls included it costs $30 per month. Add $10 to get International Calls to China, India, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain (excludes Canary Islands), UK, USA, NZ, Italy, Vietnam, Philippines and South Africa (for others please enquire). Calling 13/1300 numbers costs 30c per call.

Call Plans

(for pensioners only)

Unlimited Local, National & Mobile $30

Local, National, Mobile & International $40

(30c to call 13/1300 numbers)


Keep your existing number

Keep your existing phone

$50 Setup fee

No lock in contract

No disconnection fee