Pensioner Phone

(VOIP over 4G)

This is a new product and we are looking for testers. The first two suitable people to apply will get two months free and free hardware. Please enquire via chat. Thanks

These plans allow pensioners to keep their existing phone numbers even after nbn has rolled out in an area and they don't want an internet connection. For Local, National and Mobile calls included it costs $30 per month. Add $10 to get International Calls to 36 countries below. Calling 13/1300 numbers costs 30c per call.

Call Plans

(for pensioners only)

Unlimited Local, National & Mobile $30

Local, National, Mobile & International $40

(30c to call 13/1300 numbers)


Keep your existing number

Keep your existing phone

$100 Hardware fee

No lock in contract

No disconnection fee

How does it work?

First we port your land line number into VOIP, then we forward incoming calls on your land line number to a 4G network. A 4G modem is supplied which you will connect your existing phone to. The modem has a battery inside so it will work during a power outage. People will be able to call you on your land line number or mobile number. You also get 1GB of internet data so you can connect a computer or tablet to check emails.

International Calls

Afghanistan Austria Bangladesh Cambodia Canada Chile China Colombia Croatia France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia Ireland Italy Japan Malaysia Netherlands New Zealand Pakistan Philippines Poland Singapore South Africa South Korea Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Turkey United Kingdom USA Vietnam Zimbabwe