NBN Phone

(only on FTTP)

These phone plans are only available on Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) nbn. Your phone will connect to a UNI-V port on the nbn connection box. PAYG means Pay As You Go, you pay $5 per month then for each call you make. Local & National calls included costs $10 per month. For Local, National and Mobile calls included it costs $20 per month. Calling 13/1300 numbers costs 30c per call. If you want an NBN Phone standalone without internet then add an additional $30 to the Call Plans below.

Call Plans

(when bundled with internet)


(24c pm local, 33c pm national, 87.6c pm mobile)

Local & National $10

(87.6c pm mobile)

Local, National & Mobile $20


No Setup fee

No lock in contract

No disconnection fee

International Rates

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