Congestion free nbn™ internet

no more slow downs at peak time


Our Performance nbn connections are low contention, stable connections suited to professionals, businesses, sharehouses, cafes, gamers and alike. They have much better performance and stability because there is more dedicated bandwidth per user. Our Internet plans include nbn FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, HFC, Fixed Wireless and ADSL 1&2+.

Family Internet Filters

Filter websites and ensure access to certain content is restricted. You can manage browsing filters to individual family members or as a whole by blocking adult content, illegal, or social media sites. You can personally customise filters to meet your needs. This is a free service for all.

Internet Security

Using a VPN service ensures all transmissions such as emails, banking transactions etc are encrypted. You can get a VPN service as a free bonus with 10mates. Use DNSCrypt in conjunction with a VPN service to encrypt DNS lookups for ultimate protection.


Before contacting us, you might find your answer on the FAQs page or Wifi Router/Modem Setup page. We provide free over the phone support to our customers for things such as setting up your wireless router. You can also have a technician visit your premise by choosing the option: professional install. We also do website modifications, updates, ask us to provide a quote.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Backup all your files and photos and access them on any device. Sync a folder on your computer to the cloud or automatically backup your photos on your phone. By default your address is for an additional fee, get a custom address like A custom domain costs a little extra so contact us for details.

Web Design & Development

With any nbn plan we will make you a simple website for free, anything complicated we can quote. You need to host with us which is $10 per month on a VPS. Modifications/Updates are also quoted. Please contact us for details.

Network Setup & Cabling

We provide network configuration, installations and hold open cabling licenses to run network cabling. We can setup hotel, school and business wifi access from hardware deployment to connection provisioning and management. We can also provide you with pre-configured routers for plug and play once your connection is provisioned.


Porting your existing phone number and choose PAYG for $5 per month where you pay per call, or Local and National included for $10, or Mobile, Local and National for $20. We cannot supply a phone service over fixed wireless or FTTN, it is only available on the UNI-V port on Fibre installations.

About Us

100% Australian owned and operated.

National Coverage

We have national coverage and are connected to all 121 nbn POIs. To see if your address is nbn ready, contact us, or enter your address at the top of this page.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are pretty straight forward you can read them here. If you have any questions, let us know.

Payment Methods

Either direct deposits to our bank account, credit cards via automatic Stripe subsriptions or Bitcoins to our wallet.