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Zero Frills Fixed Wireless Plans

How fast is the plan and what is its capacity?

10MATES Zero Frills Fixed Wireless Plan Zero Frills 12/1 Zero Frills 25/10 Zero Frills 50-75/20
Users concurrently accessing the internet on several devices
*Typical business speeds (9am – 5pm)
25 Mpbs
50 Mbps
75 Mbps
Home (VoIP) phone
Emails and browsing
SD Video Streaming
HD Video Streaming
4K Video Streaming
Online Gaming
Download and Upload large files

Important things to know.

* Multiple HD videos streaming simultaneously are not recommended on this speed.

# Typical Evening Download Speeds are subject to change and are measured 7pm-11pm. Speeds are not guaranteed and may vary.

NBN12 and NBN25 indicate the underlying speed tier that your NBN plan is on and represent the maximum possible speed that is available outside the busy periods of 7pm to 11pm

  • NBN Infrastructure: The quality and location of the antenna mounted on the roof.

  • Interference: Predicted and actual coverage may vary due to the nature of radio based mobile networks and other factors at any specific location, such as distance and line of sight from the network base station, building materials, and geographic features (hills, buildings, and trees etc.).

  • NBN Fair Use Policy Enforcement: Where you use NBN Fixed Wireless services and your usage falls within certain parameters set by NBN Co, your download or upload speeds may be impacted by NBN Co’s enforcement of its Fair Use Policy. This could mean you may, from time to time, experience slower speeds depending on your usage, the time of day and the type of applications you are using.

  • Weather: Extreme heat or rain may impact services on the NBN at your premises or at the NBN base station or NBN hub (basement/node/curb).

  • Latency: NBN Fixed Wireless may not be suitable for online gaming. Very large files might be slow to load.

  • Quality of in-premises hardware: Capability of customer hardware including Wi-Fi enabled devices and ethernet cables.

  • WiFi signal interference: Wi-Fi signal quality may vary due to the number of devices connected, distance from modem, modem proximity to indoor plants/metal objects, connection to 5GHz/2.4GHz Wi-Fi network and any obstacles between devices and modem

Which content is being accessed: There may be particular issues affecting a specific website or online game

(e.g. insufficient server capacity).

Following activation, NBN Co will inform TPG whether your NBN Wireless service is connected to a wireless cell experiencing congestion. Once we receive this information from NBN Co, we’ll send you an email if you are affected, stating your speed results and your options, which may include the option to move to a lower speed plan, a refund for speeds you cannot receive, or to cancel your service and change providers without contract break fees

  • NBN service will not work during power failures. This service does not include a battery backup power supply for either nbn’s equipment or any customer equipment. This also means you will not be able to make calls on a VoIP phone during a power outage, including calls to emergency services.
  • Your speed or performance may be reduced by a range of other factors such as a poor-quality router, wifi interference from electrical goods or neighbours, or old house wiring. We can work with you to help you find what may be causing these problems and suggest ways to fix them like where to place your modem/router to get the best performance and using an Ethernet cable as Wifi is less reliable.
  • Before changing your internet, you should find out if any medical/security alarm services you want to use are compatible with an NBN service. You can do this by contacting the provider of your medical or security alarm service, who can also advise on options.

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