Performance NBN

(FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, HFC & Fixed Wireless)

These performance nbn plans are for prosumers, professionals, businesses, gamers and alike. They come with lower contention than the standard nbn plans and are on a completely different aggregate, this separate bandwidth improves stability and peak time speeds. Simply put, they cost more because you get more dedicated bandwidth, so you always get good speeds. See some peak time speed test results. Also, unlike standard plans that route only through Sydney, the Performance connections go through Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane for domestic and peering with international traffic through Sydney. NT & SA terminate in VIC. Check the FREE BONUS when you signup for 24 months.


(mbit download/upload)






(per month)






Unlimited Data

Free Wifi Modem*

No connection fee

12 Month contract

Static IP


IPv6 Dualstack

+5 IPv4 IPs

Never Offline

Family Filter

Professional Install

NBN Phone

(only on FTTP)

These phone plans are only available on Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) nbn. Your phone will connect to a UNI-V port on the nbn connection box. PAYG means Pay As You Go, you pay $5 per month then for each call you make. Local & National calls included costs $10 per month. For Local, National and Mobile calls included it costs $20 per month. Calling 13/1300 numbers costs 30c per call. If you want an NBN Phone standalone without internet then add an additional $30 to the Call Plans below.

Call Plans

(when bundled with internet)


(24c pm local, 33c pm national, 87.6c pm mobile)

Local & National $10

(87.6c pm mobile)

Local, National & Mobile $20


No Setup fee

No lock in contract

No disconnection fee

International Rates

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