Which type of nbn connection do you have?

dont have one yet? check the nbn address checker to see what is avaiable.

nbn fttp ntd connection box

Fibre To The Premise - FTTP

The best type of nbn available. Max speed is 100/40 mbit, although capable of 1000/400 mbit, hopefully the nbn wholesale pricing model will change and enable this speed to everyone. FTTP is not affected by distance. Technology used is called GPON. See how to troubleshoot NBN FTTP.

nbn fttn wall socket

Fibre To The Node - FTTN

Maximum speed on FTTN is 100/40 mbit depending on the length and quality of the existing copper line. Speeds drop off after being 450 metres from the node, if the copper is degraded then it would be shorter. Technology used is called VDSL.See how to troubleshoot NBN FTTN.

nbn fttn wall socket

Fibre To The Basement - FTTB

The same as FTTN, however the node is in your basement, so you have a pretty short cable run, meaning, in most cases you will be able to reach close to 100/40 mbit speeds. This effect by the quality of the copper. Technology used is VDSL.See how to troubleshoot NBN FTTB.

nbn fttc

Fibre To The Curb

nbn is currently in the testing phase for this technology, seems like they will be using VDSL so the maximum speed is still going to be 100/40 mbit. The only difference between it is the copper run will be shorter so you have more likelyhood of not being effected by distance as FTTN is. view a youtube video about FTTC.

nbn hfc ntd

Hybrid Fibre Coaxial - HFC

HFC replaces what was previously known as Optus or Telstra Cable. Maximum speed is 100/40 mbit. A splitter is used to enable the continuation of Foxtel services. See how to troubleshoot NBN HFC.

nbn fixed wireless ntd

Fixed Wireless - FW

Maximum speeds are 50/20 mbit. An antenna is installed on to your roof which points towards a tower. The antenna has a network cable running down to an nbn connection box which is installed inside your residence. You will connect your wifi router to the nbn connection box. Fixed Wireless signals are hinded by trees, structures and distance. Technology used is 4G. See how to troubleshoot NBN Fixed Wireless.

How to troubleshoot Wifi

The most common problem with any Internet connection is your personal wifi signal. To check your wifi signal strength and channel you can download an app on Android called Net Analyzer, it will show you if neighbouring wifi signals are on the same channel and thus interfering. If your signal is poor, your device might be too far from the wifi modem/router or it might be a cheapie.

How to troubleshoot Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) NBN

The most common problem with FTTP nbn is fibre breaks, either by accident when checking the connection box, rats chewing on the fibre or personal renovations. Other faults can be caused by technicians unplugging your port at the FDH or multiport by mistake. If any of these things have happened you will see a RED light on your nbn connection box, like this. To see if you have a RED optical light, you will need to take the cover off the nbn connection box, to do that, pull outwards from the bottom of the case. If you get a RED optical light, that is all we need to know. Don't read anyfurther below.

nbn box lights

red optical light on nbn fttp

If your optical light is green, then we will need to troublehsoot it. Before we can lodge a fault with nbn, we need to gather some information from you to attach to the case. Otherwise it will go back and forward with them asking for evidence that the connection has been troubleshooted. They will want to know that you have isolated out any possible fault with your own equipment (wifi router/network cable/power supply). In order to do that you will need to unplug the network cable running from your wifi router and plug it directly in to your computer, so the network cable goes directly from the port in the nbn box to your computer. Once that is complete you will need to set your network with the static IP details you were given previously. Instructions for Windows are here or Mac are here After you have set it, please complete a speed test, be sure to Change Server to Internode to your nearest city here

The most common problem with any Internet connection is your personal wifi signal. To check your wifi signal strength and channel you can download an app on Android called Net Analyzer. One installed we need you to run some tests, take screenshots and email it to us. In the order shown in the sample screenshots below, see number 1. wifi information shows speed and signal strength. 2. Shows the neighbours wifi and whether or not it is interfering with yours (once you select Wi-Fi Signal in the menu, swipe to the right. 3. Shows the route your connection makes to visit certain addresses on the Internet, do a test for and ( netanalyzer wifi informaiton netanalyzer channels view netanalyzer neighbours channels netanalyzer tools netanalyzer route netanalyzer route netanalyzer router